GIA Certified Diamond Retailer!

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We’re proud to announce that Oceanside Jewelers is now a GIA recognized diamond dealer! Because we trust the precision,  clarity, and dependability of GIA’s grading system, including our GIA graduate gemologist on staff, we carry a large selection of GIA stones on hand available for order.
Buying a diamond is a complicated process to the uninitiated, but no grading house makes understanding diamond quality more straightforward and transparent than GIA.
If you’re just starting to search for a stone, take a look at the interactive graphics on our webpage that explain the 4 C’s in detail.  And if you want to compare stones in person, call or stop by the store and let our GIA trained staff show you exactly what you’re looking for in a diamond!

Modern is the New Classic

modern architectural setting three stone MQ

Here’s an oldie but a goodie from the photo archives. Here’s a ring Chad made back when he opened his first store in Florida. This architectural looking mounting was completely hand fabricated by Chad, no casting involved. Time for modernist jewelry design to have its retro comeback, don’t you think?

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Complete Engagement Ring Rebuild

pear bag side before after copy.jpg

Sometimes the best way to restore and old piece of jewelry is to start from scratch with a new mounting! Rather do extensive repairs on all the prongs, bridges, and weak spots and bends in the shank, we decided it would be more effective to rebuild an identical ring and transfer the stones into a fresh, sturdy mounting with stronger prong coverage. These diamonds are ready for another lifetime of wear!

for more on our jewelry restoration and repair, check out our webpage here!

Intensely brilliant Pavé Engagement ring


Pavé setting refers to a technique of setting small diamonds very close to each other, either in a row or grid to cover an entire surface with diamonds, which is why the name is a clever pun from the French word referring to cobblestone pavement!

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Gorgeous Baroque Garnet Diamond Bracelet!

18k Yellow Gold and Garnet Bracelet

It’s not often we get to do custom bracelets, but this one is truly remarkable. Featuring rich red and orange garnets, round brilliant accent diamonds, and lustrous yellow 18k gold, this bracelets calls to mind the intricate and extravagant designs of Baroque and Victorian jewelry past!

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Gorgeous Rose Gold Double Banded Engagement Ring!

tiffany x eng ring copy

One of the most unique and dazzling pieces in our custom design portfolio – This rose gold engagement ring features two parallel bands joined by crossed bridges and round brilliant diamonds set between them, with a perfectly blended crown displaying a gorgeous large round brilliant center stone. This airy and dazzling design is sure to catch eyes wherever it goes!

for more of our custom engagement rings, check out our online portfolio!