Modernist Platinum Solitaire with Brushed Shoulders

plat textrued stripe solitaire copy

Hot off the bench this week is a platinum solitaire engagement ring with simple modern looking brushed shoulders,  providing a clean look and smooth buffer between the  height of the center stone and the band.


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Stunning and Simple Large Diamond Bezel Pendant.

Large Dia Bezel Pend

One of our specialties at Oceanside Jewelers is taking  heirloom and unworn pieces of jewelry and redesigning them as something our customers will wear everyday and suits their own style. This particular customer had a large beautiful diamond that was sadly unworn in its setting as a ring. So we remade it as a simple yet elegant bezel pendant, with lace detail in the back and mounted on a petite white gold chain. Now this gorgeous diamond can be worn every day!

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Beautifully Detailed Scrolling Ring Remake.

Sometimes the best way to restore a ring is to start from scratch! Just finished a complete remake of a marquise engagement ring with scrolling milgrain details. The older ring was losing thein  sharpness of detail in the soft platinum metal. Using photos of the older ring for reference, we remade the pattern in a CAD  file and recast and reset the ring in sturdier white gold. The finished product has all the crisp detail of the original and then some!

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Beautifully Minimal Three Stone Bezel Ring!

rugg yg three stone bezel copy

Just finished another another custom wedding band design in the shop this week. This time Chad designed a robust yet elegant three stone diamond ring with full bezel set walls around the stones, combining clean minimal design with full protection around the sides of the stones. We expect to see this ring last a long time!

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Unbelievable Wedding Set Restoration!

four ring set restoration front copyFour Ring Set Shanks Before After shanks copy

Chad managed to outdo himself yet again on the jewelry bench last week. This time we took in a wedding set with not two, three, but FOUR bands, all of which needed complete re-tipping on the prongs of the stones. But the real genius was in rebuilding all four shanks, going from a tangled mess of previous repairs and solder patches to a fresh set of  bands laser welded together almost invisibly. Bravo!

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Freshly Grown Diamonds!

syn dia cropped

Most diamonds have spent the last couple billion years deep in the Earth’s crust, but these three are fresh out of the oven – literally! Thanks to the wonders of modern technology these diamonds were grown in a just a few weeks using a process that heats carbon into a plasma vapor and condenses it onto a seed crystal as a diamond! And on the top of the awesome science, these sparklies cost about half as much energy to produce as their mined cousins, all without damaging any ecosystems or supporting conflict and exploitative labor practices! Oh and did I mention they’re 15%-30% less expensive? Well done, sparklies, well done.

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Gracefully Tapered 18k Solitaire with Channel Set Side Diamonds

18k Diamond Tapered Channel sides

This week we just put the finishing touches on a simple but unique solitaire design. With details like the crown style basket reminiscent of vintage Tiffany mountings and a shoulder that flares out and tapers to a point against the basket,  and with three round diamonds perfectly  nestled in the diamond shaped channel, this design has all the elegance of the past with the clean flowing lines of modern jewelry design.

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