New Store Hours! Tuesday – Saturday 11AM – 6:30PM



Just wanted to give you all an update – We’re changing our store Hours! Starting  March 13th, Oceanside Jewelers will be open Tuesday – Saturday, 11AM – 6:30PM. We look forward to handling any and all of your jewelry needs!


Oceanside Jewelers

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Custom Diamond Solitaire with pave and petite sapphire sides!

petite sapp sides

Hot off the bench this week – a Custom designed Solitaire engagement ring with elegantly curved pave diamond shoulders and sapphire side stones. Bravo to Chad on another beautiful job well done!

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Rare and Unique Emerald Cuts!

two tone emerald cut

Emerald cuts don’t get enough love, don’t you think? Their sparkle is a lot more subtle than a round brilliant, but the large facets are well suited to show off the beauty of a clear, clean diamond. This emerald cut engagement ring also has plenty of pavĂ© bling on the sides for good measure!

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Brilliant 18k yellow gold and sapphire Pearl Pendant!


Simple, clean, and lustrous, pearls are a blank slate that can be incorporated into a variety of both modern and traditional jewelry designs. This baroque 18k gold and sapphire cap pendant is a classic example of the elegance exuded by a single large, white, and flawless pearl!


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Flexible and Powerful Computer Jewelry Design

twig band process.jpg

Why shouldn’t your jewelry be as unique as you or the one you love?

Besides making highly precise models for 3d printing and casting, our computer modelling software allows us to iterate designs with much more speed and flexibility than traditional methods. In our most recent project, we were able to experiment with color, pattern, and edge on this one of a kind ring, designing in dialogue with our customer to create a truly personal wedding band!

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Rich 18k yellow Gold Garnet and Diamond Twig pendant!

18ky garnet twig pend

This lovely 18k yellow gold pendant was modeled specifically for our customer’s spiral cut garnet, then completely engraved in an organic wood pattern. This is the kind of custom jewelry project we do best, blending the precision of computer modelling and 3D printing with the warmth and natural feel of traditional hand craftsmanship!


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Incredible Vintage diamond Ring Rebuild!

antique cocktail ring before after

Sometimes the best way to repair a piece of jewelry is to rebuild it! Our customer brought us a very badly damaged half of a vintage cocktail ring – but it was enough for Chad to reconstruct the pattern from scratch, and the result is stunning! Whether it’s a simple repair or a major restoration, we’ll have your vintage jewelry looking brand new!

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