Night and Day Antique Ring Restoration


Sometimes it seems like Chad is able to pull off miracles on the jeweler’s bench. This time a customer brought in an antique white gold setting, which had seen years of serious wear. The shank (band) was worn severely thin to the point of breaking through on the bottom. The shoulders and bridgework connecting the center setting to the shoulders also were severely damaged. The whole ring was in desperate need of polishing and refinishing.

Chad pulled this one off in spades – he completely rebuilt the band, seamlessly connecting it to setting work on top. Then he delicately filled in the holes in the bridgework,  and re-set the center with a larger single diamond. After polishing and rhodium plating, the ring looks absolutely pristine! Yet all of the delicate antique milgrain and accents were preserved, even after such intensive reconstruction. One of the most satifying aspects of working in a craft such as jewelry is seeing jobs like this turn out so well. Cheers to a job well done!

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Incredible White Gold and Sapphire Ring Restoration


This week we put the finishing touches on a complete restoration of a Tibetan style Sapphire mounting. After  rebuilding the pave diamond settings and polishing the inside of the saddle, a gorgeous oval sapphire was set, and after final polishing and rhodium plating, the ring turned out looking brand new! It’s really suprising how far a simple polishing and a fresh plate of rhodium goes to bring a white gold piece back to it’s original unblemished state. If your white gold engagement ring is looking like the image on the right, it might be time for a much needed refinishing!

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Custom Designed Ruby and Diamond Band


Just coming out of the shop this week we have a custom designed Ruby and diamond band. Our customer brought in her white gold and diamond three stone ring, along with the loose oval rubies, and from photographs we were able to use CAD modelling to create a band using the same style of prongs and bridge as her current, while perfectly fitting the stones she provided. As a full service jeweler, we have our hand in every step of the jewelry making processes, from modelling to finishing,  allowing our designs to be flexible enough accompany any project our customers throw at us!


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Gorgeous Large Sapphire in Tibetan-Style mounting

tibetan sapp ring copy

One of our customers brought back this stunning large oval sapphire from a trip to Thailand. To commemorate, we mounted it in a custom built Tibetan-style mounting with pave diamond accents on the scrolls. What a beautiful memento!

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Hypoallergenic White Gold

Sapphire Gallium Ring

Approximately 10% – 15% of the general population have nickel allergies, which can cause symptoms of redness and irritation on contact with skin. In addition white gold, which has become the overwhelmingly preferred alloy of contemporary brides, gets its white color from nickel and rhodium. So what is one to do when faced with a nickel allergy? Fortunately, alternative alloys exist that have less or no nickel. For those with minor allergies, sometimes going with 18k white gold, which has a higher gold to nickel ratio, will do the trick. For more severe allergies, white gold alloys that utilize platinum or palladium are an excellent alternative. As a bench jeweler and a retailer, we have the ability to tailor our alloys to match our customer’s needs without comprising design, like this beautiful sapphire engagement ring made with a palladium gold alloy.

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