Unbelievably Fine Hand Engraved Detail!

hand engraved 18k band

Fine craftsmanship is what sets the elegant apart from the everyday – This week’s project is a rich 18k yellow gold band with incredibly fine hand engraved details, with linework that elegantly tapers to a pinpoint.

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Yes we did – Vintage Gibson Guitar Restoration!

We do pretty much every type of jewelry work here at Oceanside Jewelers, but every now and then we get a project that provides a way to apply our bench skills. This time we had a customer with a highly sought after vintage Gibson hollow electric guitar. This one was special in that all of the components were original, including the broken tailpiece. We were able to rebuild the hinge that connects the tail to side of the guitar, undoing a previous solder repair and restoring motion to the hinge and preserving all the original parts on the guitar! In the end it fit perfectly back onto the body of the guitar and a decades old instrument got a new lease on life.

If you have an instrument repair, or any other specialty project that might requie delicate metalwork, don’t be afraid to ask the master jeweler at Oceanside Jewelers.




Lotus Flower Sapphire Pendant Start to Finish


One of the most satisfying aspects of working as a bench jeweler is being able to collaborate and create with a customer throughout the process of making a piece of jewelry. In the age of computer modelling and 3d printing, designing jewelry has become a lot more fast and flexible than it used to be. On this lotus and sapphire pendant, we were able to make a model from images provided by the customer, then tweak aspects of the design, removing the lilypad and adding a sleek bail, the processes crafted the final product. Most impressive of all, we were able to deliver it before Christmas!

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Gracefully Perched Two Stone Diamond Engagement Ring


Just off the bench in time for Christmas! This week Chad put the finishing touches on a gorgeous two stone engagement ring, with an elegantly twisting shank that wraps around the center diamonds, with delicate rows of tapered diamonds running down the sides. An elegant perch for a pair of brilliant round diamonds!

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2 Tone Solitaire Engagement Ring in Rich 18k Gold!



Chad just put the finishing touches on another gorgeous ring. This design uses two concentric bands, the outer  with a round top in white gold, and the inner flat band in rich 18k yellow gold. Perched on top is a solitaire mounted 1 carat diamond. Elegant but not showy, it’s the small details that make this ring, like the vintage accented prongs.

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Hand Made 22k Coin Pendant


Jewelry making is one of the oldest crafts in human history, but has changed more over the last few decades than the previous millennia. Today’s jeweler have to keep up with advances in computer modelling and 3D printing, but sometimes it’s best to go about things the old school way. For a client that wanted a rustic looking mounting for an ancient coin, Chad Elliott hand sculpted a wax frame to the specific contours of the coin, cast it in rich 22k yellow gold, then set the coin with hand wrought prongs, loop, and bail. And rather than polishing, Chad scrubbed the piece with beach sand for a soft finish that highlights the deep yellow of the pure gold. With a dark leather cord, the coin necklace could have been made by a 15th century jeweler just as much as a 21st century one!

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Night and Day Antique Ring Restoration


Sometimes it seems like Chad is able to pull off miracles on the jeweler’s bench. This time a customer brought in an antique white gold setting, which had seen years of serious wear. The shank (band) was worn severely thin to the point of breaking through on the bottom. The shoulders and bridgework connecting the center setting to the shoulders also were severely damaged. The whole ring was in desperate need of polishing and refinishing.

Chad pulled this one off in spades – he completely rebuilt the band, seamlessly connecting it to setting work on top. Then he delicately filled in the holes in the bridgework,  and re-set the center with a larger single diamond. After polishing and rhodium plating, the ring looks absolutely pristine! Yet all of the delicate antique milgrain and accents were preserved, even after such intensive reconstruction. One of the most satifying aspects of working in a craft such as jewelry is seeing jobs like this turn out so well. Cheers to a job well done!

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