Unbelievably Fine Hand Engraved Detail!

hand engraved 18k band

Fine craftsmanship is what sets the elegant apart from the everyday – This week’s project is a rich 18k yellow gold band with incredibly fine hand engraved details, with linework that elegantly tapers to a pinpoint.

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Pave Wedding Band Restoration

two tone pave wed band set restorationIMG_8092

Coming out of the shop this week is a reworking of a pave wedding band with yellow gold bands on either side. In addition of a complete refinishing and tightening on the stones, we updated the look of the band with a pair of petite bezel set bands on either side putting a little extra shine and sparkle on edges of this band!

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Santa’s Showcases are Full!

We’re almost 10 days away from Christmas, and I know a lot of you elves out there are just getting started on your gift shopping! We’ve got you covered at Oceanside Jewelers, with simple studs from $25, vintage silver under $100, and a yuuuge selection of colored stone jewelry in white and yellow gold under $500. And if someone on your list has been extra nice this year, we’d be happy make you a deal on a dazzling diamond worthy of great holiday cheer!

We’ll see you elves in the store!


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2 Tone Solitaire Engagement Ring in Rich 18k Gold!



Chad just put the finishing touches on another gorgeous ring. This design uses two concentric bands, the outer  with a round top in white gold, and the inner flat band in rich 18k yellow gold. Perched on top is a solitaire mounted 1 carat diamond. Elegant but not showy, it’s the small details that make this ring, like the vintage accented prongs.

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Hand Made 22k Coin Pendant


Jewelry making is one of the oldest crafts in human history, but has changed more over the last few decades than the previous millennia. Today’s jeweler have to keep up with advances in computer modelling and 3D printing, but sometimes it’s best to go about things the old school way. For a client that wanted a rustic looking mounting for an ancient coin, Chad Elliott hand sculpted a wax frame to the specific contours of the coin, cast it in rich 22k yellow gold, then set the coin with hand wrought prongs, loop, and bail. And rather than polishing, Chad scrubbed the piece with beach sand for a soft finish that highlights the deep yellow of the pure gold. With a dark leather cord, the coin necklace could have been made by a 15th century jeweler just as much as a 21st century one!

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Pros and Cons of Tungsten and Titanium Jewelry



Contemporary Metal Wedding Bands by Benchmark

In the jewelry market, especially amongst men’s wedding bands, there has been a surge in popularity for rings made with tungsten, titanium, cobalt, and ceramic alloys. Often referred to as “contemporary” or “non-traditional” metals, these rings have more masculine look and feel, are more durable, and often come at a much lower cost than precious metals. Naturally, a lot of guys have been opting for rings in these new materials, here are some of the points to keep in mind when considering a contemporary metal band.

  • They’re considerably less expensive than precious metals.
  • Many guys prefer the less flashy or more masculine look of contemporary metals. Tungsten for example is a lot darker than silver, and also quite a bit heavier. Many wearers are impressed with the heft of a tungsten band.
  • While tungsten, titanium, and ceramic are much harder to scratch, the trade-off is that they’re brittle, and much more prone to shatter, even when dropped on a tile floor.
  • The brittleness also means that these rings cannot be repaired or resized, or polished. If the ring wears, breaks, chips, or no longer fits, it has to be replaced entirely.

That being said, choosing to go with a precious metal or contemporary metal wedding band is completely up to the customer, there are pros and cons to both. We proudly carry Benchmark rings in store. Benchmark manufactures the highest quality bands in both precious and contemporary metals, and most importantly, offer a lifetime warranty on all their products. That means if your ever need a resizing or repair on your band, Benchmark will replace it no questions asked.


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Incredible White Gold and Sapphire Ring Restoration


This week we put the finishing touches on a complete restoration of a Tibetan style Sapphire mounting. After  rebuilding the pave diamond settings and polishing the inside of the saddle, a gorgeous oval sapphire was set, and after final polishing and rhodium plating, the ring turned out looking brand new! It’s really suprising how far a simple polishing and a fresh plate of rhodium goes to bring a white gold piece back to it’s original unblemished state. If your white gold engagement ring is looking like the image on the right, it might be time for a much needed refinishing!

We offer a full spectrum of jewelry repair and restoration services, all done on site by owner Chad Elliott. For more info, visit http://oceanside-jewelers.com/jewelry-repair-and-jewelry-restoration