Deep Blue Sapphire in White Gold Floral Mounting


Just put the finishing touches on our first custom piece this year! This time we have a stunningly clear and deep blue oval sapphire mounted in an elegant 14k white gold mounting with floral trim. Happy to start some lucky customer’s year of with such a beautiful stone!

for more info, check out our sapphire page!


Lotus Flower Sapphire Pendant Start to Finish


One of the most satisfying aspects of working as a bench jeweler is being able to collaborate and create with a customer throughout the process of making a piece of jewelry. In the age of computer modelling and 3d printing, designing jewelry has become a lot more fast and flexible than it used to be. On this lotus and sapphire pendant, we were able to make a model from images provided by the customer, then tweak aspects of the design, removing the lilypad and adding a sleek bail, the processes crafted the final product. Most impressive of all, we were able to deliver it before Christmas!

for more of our custom jewelery design, check out custom gold design page!

Santa’s Showcases are Full!

We’re almost 10 days away from Christmas, and I know a lot of you elves out there are just getting started on your gift shopping! We’ve got you covered at Oceanside Jewelers, with simple studs from $25, vintage silver under $100, and a yuuuge selection of colored stone jewelry in white and yellow gold under $500. And if someone on your list has been extra nice this year, we’d be happy make you a deal on a dazzling diamond worthy of great holiday cheer!

We’ll see you elves in the store!


Oceanside Jewelers


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2 Day Sale & Sip and Shop!

2daysalesm copy.jpg

We’re ramping up for the Holidays at Oceanside Jewelers! On the 25th and 26th, we’ll be taking 35% off new colored stone inventory and diamond studs! Dazzling gift ideas include colored stone pendants, earrings and rings (remember the first sizing is free!), and of course , diamond stud earrings a classic and timeless gift for anyone on your list!

We’re also taking part in Main Street Oceanside’s Sip and Shop event on Sautrday! From 2-5pm, we’ll be sampling local brews in store alongside our neighboring local businesses. Your ticket gets you tastings in all seven locations!

More info and tickets on Main Street Oceanside’s Event Page!–shop


A Spinel by any Other Name


Every gemologist knows the story of the Imperial State crown,perhaps the most famous historical case of a gemological mix up. The central stone in the crown, visible more than even the whopping 317.4 ct Cullinan II diamond, is the Black Prince’s Ruby. The roughly polished stone weighs an impressive 170 carats, and has a deep saturated red color, however it is not a ruby, but rather a spinel! To be fair, at the time all red gemstones were referred to as rubies, it wasn’t until modern chemistry discovered the atomic differences between spinels and rubies. But it’s hard to get rid of a name as catchy as the Black Prince’s Ruby, and it remains so named to this day!

If only the Black Prince kept a gemologist in his court, as we have a full time GIA graduate gemologist on staff, able to identify and appraise any stone you may have!

For more on gemology and stone identification, check our info page here:

Gorgeous Flame Pearls


Mesmerizing orange flame pearl displaying spiraling patterns of aragonite

Pearls are one few popular gemstones that aren’t minerals, in other words it’s an organic substance produced by living being. Other examples include amber, coral, jet, and ivory. Pearls however are unique in that they come out of the shell completely finished, no polishing or carving necessary.

One interesting variation occurs when different types of material intertwine within the same pearl. There are basically two substances that constitute pearls. Nacreous pearls are the ones you’re probably more familiar with, they’re made of the lustrous nacre material called aragonite. The other type, non-nacreous pearls, are made of a harder, duller material called calcite. When you’re eating an oyester and discover a small flaky bit of mineral inside – that’s a calcite pearl.

However when the two substrates intermingle, really interesting pearls can result. These are the so called “flame pearls” that display mesmerizing patterns of lustrous nacre, resembling gas nebulae  in space, the delicate pattern of an iris, and of course the branching fingers of a flame. Examples like the one above are highly prized for their symmetry and evenness of pattern.

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October’s Birthstones Tourmaline and Opal!

In honor of being one of October’s birthstones, and today’s Pride by the Beach in Oceanside, thought I’d share an absolutely gorgeous rainbow Tourmaline crystal! Tourmalines come in a wide variety of colors, even within the same stone, and they’re also found locally here in Southern California!

Come by store and check out our new display of colored stones, including multicolored tourmalines!



Tourmaline comes in a rainbow of colors, even in the same stone!