Complete Engagement Ring Rebuild

pear bag side before after copy.jpg

Sometimes the best way to restore and old piece of jewelry is to start from scratch with a new mounting! Rather do extensive repairs on all the prongs, bridges, and weak spots and bends in the shank, we decided it would be more effective to rebuild an identical ring and transfer the stones into a fresh, sturdy mounting with stronger prong coverage. These diamonds are ready for another lifetime of wear!

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Beautifully Detailed Scrolling Ring Remake.

Sometimes the best way to restore a ring is to start from scratch! Just finished a complete remake of a marquise engagement ring with scrolling milgrain details. The older ring was losing thein  sharpness of detail in the soft platinum metal. Using photos of the older ring for reference, we remade the pattern in a CAD  file and recast and reset the ring in sturdier white gold. The finished product has all the crisp detail of the original and then some!

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Unbelievable Wedding Set Restoration!

four ring set restoration front copyFour Ring Set Shanks Before After shanks copy

Chad managed to outdo himself yet again on the jewelry bench last week. This time we took in a wedding set with not two, three, but FOUR bands, all of which needed complete re-tipping on the prongs of the stones. But the real genius was in rebuilding all four shanks, going from a tangled mess of previous repairs and solder patches to a fresh set of  bands laser welded together almost invisibly. Bravo!

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Pave Wedding Band Restoration

two tone pave wed band set restorationIMG_8092

Coming out of the shop this week is a reworking of a pave wedding band with yellow gold bands on either side. In addition of a complete refinishing and tightening on the stones, we updated the look of the band with a pair of petite bezel set bands on either side putting a little extra shine and sparkle on edges of this band!

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Yes we did – Vintage Gibson Guitar Restoration!

We do pretty much every type of jewelry work here at Oceanside Jewelers, but every now and then we get a project that provides a way to apply our bench skills. This time we had a customer with a highly sought after vintage Gibson hollow electric guitar. This one was special in that all of the components were original, including the broken tailpiece. We were able to rebuild the hinge that connects the tail to side of the guitar, undoing a previous solder repair and restoring motion to the hinge and preserving all the original parts on the guitar! In the end it fit perfectly back onto the body of the guitar and a decades old instrument got a new lease on life.

If you have an instrument repair, or any other specialty project that might requie delicate metalwork, don’t be afraid to ask the master jeweler at Oceanside Jewelers.



Night and Day Antique Ring Restoration


Sometimes it seems like Chad is able to pull off miracles on the jeweler’s bench. This time a customer brought in an antique white gold setting, which had seen years of serious wear. The shank (band) was worn severely thin to the point of breaking through on the bottom. The shoulders and bridgework connecting the center setting to the shoulders also were severely damaged. The whole ring was in desperate need of polishing and refinishing.

Chad pulled this one off in spades – he completely rebuilt the band, seamlessly connecting it to setting work on top. Then he delicately filled in the holes in the bridgework,  and re-set the center with a larger single diamond. After polishing and rhodium plating, the ring looks absolutely pristine! Yet all of the delicate antique milgrain and accents were preserved, even after such intensive reconstruction. One of the most satifying aspects of working in a craft such as jewelry is seeing jobs like this turn out so well. Cheers to a job well done!

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Fine Watch Restoration



One of the greatest pleasures of being a jeweler isn’t just finishing a brand new piece, but also breathing life back into someone’s old favorite.

We recently put the finishing touches on a particularly astounding watch restoration. This ladies 18k gold and diamond Hermes watch came in needing internal repair, but we also got the chance to restore the case and band. Refinishing a watch like this is an art, you can always polish more, but you can’t polish less. In any case, we’re really happy with the end result, restoring not just the watch, but the feeling it brought to it’s owner when it was brand new!

Whether it’s a battery change or a full restoration, we offer complete watch repair services, including certified repairs for most fine watch brands. Why trust anyone else with your favorite timepieces?

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