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Last year, when Chad was interviewed for Stuller’s Feature Friday Blog, he mentioned making a pendant that holds an optic lens made by renowned artist Yaacov Agam. Agam is an Isreal born artist who studied under Johannes Itten, a famous Bauhaus color-theorist. Agam’s sculpture and prints play with optics and viewer perception, much like these lenses, which reveal different symbols when held up to a light source.

Oddly enough, someone who read that article happened to have one of these Agam lenses, which were never sold and only produced in small number as gifts for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Nancy Reagan. The owner contacted Chad, and all these years later, he’s in possession of an original Agam lens!

As a pet project, Chad will be remaking a gold frame to hold the lens, just like the one one he made decades ago when he first met Agam. We’re excited to see how it turns out!

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Unbelievably Fine Hand Engraved Detail!

hand engraved 18k band

Fine craftsmanship is what sets the elegant apart from the everyday – This week’s project is a rich 18k yellow gold band with incredibly fine hand engraved details, with linework that elegantly tapers to a pinpoint.

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Complete Engagement Ring Rebuild

pear bag side before after copy.jpg

Sometimes the best way to restore and old piece of jewelry is to start from scratch with a new mounting! Rather do extensive repairs on all the prongs, bridges, and weak spots and bends in the shank, we decided it would be more effective to rebuild an identical ring and transfer the stones into a fresh, sturdy mounting with stronger prong coverage. These diamonds are ready for another lifetime of wear!

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Stunning and Simple Large Diamond Bezel Pendant.

Large Dia Bezel Pend

One of our specialties at Oceanside Jewelers is taking  heirloom and unworn pieces of jewelry and redesigning them as something our customers will wear everyday and suits their own style. This particular customer had a large beautiful diamond that was sadly unworn in its setting as a ring. So we remade it as a simple yet elegant bezel pendant, with lace detail in the back and mounted on a petite white gold chain. Now this gorgeous diamond can be worn every day!

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Beautifully Detailed Scrolling Ring Remake.

Sometimes the best way to restore a ring is to start from scratch! Just finished a complete remake of a marquise engagement ring with scrolling milgrain details. The older ring was losing thein  sharpness of detail in the soft platinum metal. Using photos of the older ring for reference, we remade the pattern in a CAD  file and recast and reset the ring in sturdier white gold. The finished product has all the crisp detail of the original and then some!

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Pave Wedding Band Restoration

two tone pave wed band set restorationIMG_8092

Coming out of the shop this week is a reworking of a pave wedding band with yellow gold bands on either side. In addition of a complete refinishing and tightening on the stones, we updated the look of the band with a pair of petite bezel set bands on either side putting a little extra shine and sparkle on edges of this band!

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The First Diamond Engagement Ring


Many of know the story of the first diamond engagement ring, given to Mary of Burgandy by Archduke Maximilian of Austria in 1477. What most don’t know is that the ring was actually a gift to her father, Charles the Bold, as commemoration of the union of their two empires. And rather than the solitaire we come to picture, the ring was set with roughly shaped diamond slivers in the shape of the letter “M”, presumably for Mary, Maximilian, and Monarchy.

We’ve come a long way since then, an engagement ring is now a symbol of union of both love and fortune between the actual couple betrothed!

In case you happen to be uniting your two kingdoms, we’d be happy to help you find the perfect ring, solitaire, diamond, or otherwise!