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Master Jeweler Chad Elliott Award Winning Master Jeweler and Owner Chad Elliott has over 20 years of jewelryexperience focusing on custom jewelry design, manufacturing and precious gems and diamond setting, as well as, repair and restoration. Throughout his jewelry career Chad Elliott has received a Spectrum Design Award from the American Gem Trade Association as well as a Spectrum Design Honor from the Platinum Guild International. Chad Elliott’s work has been pictured in countless jewelry trade magazines and top fashion publications world wide. Chad Elliott has manufactured jewelry for many designer brands in all colors of 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt gold, including Platinum. These designer brands which ranged in styles from the very refined to the rustic and from ornate antique reproductions to the organics of nature have sold through notable fine designer stores. Many pieces of jewelry manufactured by Chad Elliott for these designer brands are worn and cherished by their celebrity owners and Hollywood’s elite.

Woven Two Tone Pave Engagement Ring!

two tone

Rose and white gold Engagement Rings have become really popular lately, but this gorgeous design makes excellent use of the color contrast, weaving a row of diamonds and rose gold around the center diamond and the shoulders of the ring!

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Stunning 14k White Gold Engagement Ring With Sapphire Sides!

princess cut sapp sides

Rich blue royal sapphires are one of the most common gemstones you will find alongside diamonds in an engagement ring. They add an elegant touch of color and will last just as long as any diamond. This princess cut halo with lovely side mounted sapphires is a beautiful example!


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Stunning Art Deco Style Ruby Ring!

ruby deco

Art Deco was a fascinating style, bundling a myriad of contradictory aesthetic concepts, flowing organic lines vs sharp geometry, fine traditional craftsmanship vs bold modernity –  influencing everything  from cars, architecture, fashion, and of course jewelry.

This 18k White gold band is a lovely tribute to the style, with inset rubies bordering a horizontally set marquise diamond!

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Brilliant Two Tone Yellow Halo!

Yellow Princess Halo

Diamond color is an important thing to consider when designing a white gold engagement ring, where any tint of off white color is plainly visible against the cool white metal. This princess cut center stone is otherwise very clear and well cut, but has a noticable yellow tint. Rather than work against it, we worked with it by surrounding the stone in a yellow gold diamond halo, highlighting the rich tones and beautifully contrasting the band!


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Stunning Large Opal and Diamond Ring!

large opal copy.jpg

It’s hard not to have favorite pieces when you set up jewelry showcases every morning. Mine right now is this gorgeous 7ct opal and diamond ring. A stone this large and clean shows incredible play of color in changing light!


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