Perfectly Matched Hand Engraved Bands!

hand engraved matching band

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but in the case of hand engraving it’s also the highest mastery. Our customer brought in a hand engraved wedding ring to have a matching band made – and Chad was able to not only match the shape, setting, and milgrain of the engagement ring, but also perfectly replicated  the hand engraved pattern, as if the two rings were made by the same hand!

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Where Fine Art meets Fine Jewelry!


Last year, when Chad was interviewed for Stuller’s Feature Friday Blog, he mentioned making a pendant that holds an optic lens made by renowned artist Yaacov Agam. Agam is an Isreal born artist who studied under Johannes Itten, a famous Bauhaus color-theorist. Agam’s sculpture and prints play with optics and viewer perception, much like these lenses, which reveal different symbols when held up to a light source.

Oddly enough, someone who read that article happened to have one of these Agam lenses, which were never sold and only produced in small number as gifts for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Nancy Reagan. The owner contacted Chad, and all these years later, he’s in possession of an original Agam lens!

As a pet project, Chad will be remaking a gold frame to hold the lens, just like the one one he made decades ago when he first met Agam. We’re excited to see how it turns out!

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100% Diamond Trade in Value starting at $400!


In our effort to provide the best possible options when it comes to purchasing a diamond for an engagement ring, we’ve decided to partner with Stuller’s Red Box Diamond program, and it’s hard to find a better option than that!

Stuller Inc. is the world’s largest supplier of jewelry making tools, components, and gemstones, and we’ve been using them exclusively since we opened our store. In addition to our own diamond inventory, we have access to thousands of stones in Stuller’s inventory in every size from .25 to over 6 carats, and every combination of color and clarity. In addition, all Red Box stones are hand selected for excellent cut, polish, and symmetry, and are independently graded and certified by GIA or AGS, the two most respected grading houses in the industry.

Here’s why we’re excited about being able to offer you these stones. – All of Stuller’s Red Box diamonds come with a free year’s insurance against loss, theft, or damage, and most importantly, come with a lifetime trade up guarantee! Most retail trade in offers require you to spend at least double your original purchase to qualify for a trade in, but at any point you can trade in your Red Box diamond for 100% its original cost toward any other Red Box stone $1 or more than the previous!

Stuller’s Red Box Diamond program takes the stress and risk out of buying a diamond, especially if it’s your first time, and with diamonds starting at $400, it’s an easy step to take toward your ideal diamond!

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Intricately modeled Men’s onyx Band With Celtic Knots

Men's onyx celtic band copy

Geometric knot patterns occur in the art of many cultures around the world, but the Celtic tradition is widely known for it’s use of continuous knots to symbolize the eternal and invisible bonds which hold everything together, especially those of family. As a jeweler, celtic knots provide inspiration for virtuosic design, like this white gold band with intricate knots surrounding each black onyx and buttressing the band.

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